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Where to Play Bingo in Las Vegas

Mon, Sep 12, 2016

Vegas has long been hailed as not only America’s, but the world’s centre for gambling. The Las Vegas strip is 6.76 kilometres long and hosts some of the most luxurious casinos in the world. However, whilst Las Vegas is synonymous with high-stakes table games, there are also plenty of places where you can play bingo. After all, there’s something for everyone in Vegas!

When it comes to playing bingo games, you truly are spoiled for choice. No one does luxury like the City of Sin. The city spoils you with options. Whether you wish to play electronically or a traditional paper only game, there are places in the city that can accommodate you. However, if you wish to really want to play great games of bingo then perhaps the famous Las Vegas Strip is not the best place to go.

The strip boasts 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels and is a filled with plenty of opportunities to play table games such as blackjack, poker and baccarat. The Venetian and The Palazzo, located at the north end of the strip was the world’s largest hotel until 2015. You’ll find fantastic tourist attractions such as the Treasure Island Volcano at the Mirage and the fountains at the Bellagio, as you wander down this famous stretch. Whilst hitting these astounding hotels is a fantastic sightseeing venture, they don’t tend to specialise in bingo games. So, we’ve found a number of different establishments where you can play bingo till your heart is content.

The South Point Hotel is the one of the best places to play bingo in Vegas. It is located at 9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South, past McCarron Airport. It offers 12 bingo games daily. These include progressive jackpots, a Cashball jackpot and coverall bonus game with a huge $10,000 when you land a full house in 52 numbers or less. Complimentary beverages are provided. Enjoy bingo from 11am till 1am.

We’d also highly recommend the Plaza Las Vegas, on Main St. It houses the only dedicated bingo room to be found in downtown Las Vegas, which is located on the building’s 3rd floor. Players searching for a progressive jackpot will feel right at home here, as there are 4 different progressive jackpots to be won. These include the $15K Plaza Progressive Coverall, the $10K Dual Daub, the $5K Bonanza Progressive and finally the $1,000 Triple Bingo game. Sessions play at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm daily. 

Las Vegas is known for being a hub of activity with most of the larger casinos open 24 hours a day. It’s easy to lose track of time in Vegas. The only 24 hour bingo room is located in Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, set on 740 S. Decatur Blvd. Bingo games play during every odd hour, with many types of bingo on offer throughout the day. Bingo in 16 numbers or less during the ACE game and you’ll walk away with $5,000. The highest jackpot can be won by playing the progressive Double Dual Dab game, where the prize pot starts at $20,000!

Of course, we should mention that despite the fact that you’re in Vegas, the option to indulge in a bit of online bingo is still open. Let’s be honest, sometimes we all feel a bit lazy on holiday.  It can be nice to just laze around the pool and relax. Thankfully, online bingo sites such as Cheers Bingo allow you to take part in bingo games wherever you are. You can take your mobile device down to the pool and begin playing bingo at any time of the day.

However, if you want to venture out to bingo and interact the locals away from traditional tourist spots, then hit Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling. It’s located at 5111 Boulder Highway. Games run on odd hours from 9am-11pm. If you arrive in time for the 9am session, you’ll even grab yourself a complimentary donut!

Looking to go old school and play solely on paper?  Then make the Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino your next destination. There are only 2 casinos in all of Southern Nevada which still hold paper only games. This casino is 1 of them. Play from 9am-11pm on a mix of progressives and cash ball games. It’s located right next to the Lake Mead Parkway trail, which is perfect for anyone who wants to go biking during their stay.

As you can see Las Vegas lives up to the hype. However, it’s hard to capture the energy of this amazing city in words. It really has to be seen to be understood. Whilst the City of Sin is traditionally known as the casino capital of the world, there are plenty of other attractions to be enjoyed. These include theme parks, live shows and of course, bingo!