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A guide for your Vegas vacation

Sat, Jul 09, 2016

Whilst Las Vegas may top most bucket lists, visiting the resort town in Nevada’s Mojave Desert can be overwhelming. What are the best attractions? What is must see that you simply cannot miss out on? Don’t fear, we’re on hand to help.

Of course, Las Vegas is famed for its many extravagant casinos, and definitely aren’t short on options. The breathtaking Wynn Casino is dubbed as one of the best and has been described as “Classy, elegant and upscale”. The casino doubles a hotel and both are commended for their impeccable cleanliness and attentive staff. The colours, lighting and flowers throughout make the casino all the more beautiful, as does the marvelous walkway leading up to its entrance. Its picturesque location marries the beauty of the casino perfectly.

The casino at Bellagio is another that is high up on the to-do-list. There is a whole host of relaxing bars and gaming pods so there is plenty to do. The exterior of the casino is worth visiting alone. The stunning gardens and awe-inspiring choreographed fountains will leave you speechless for sure.

Once you’re casino’d out why not head for a taste of Europe and visit the strip’s very own Eiffel Tower. The replica allows panaromic views of the strip and just so happens to overlook the beautiful fountains of Bellagio. For an even better experience it’s said to be better to visit at night.

For something a little different, you should try and visit the Titanic Artifacts Exhibition which is much much more than a daytime diversion. The exhibition has actual artifacts pulled from the Titanic site on display. The plaques on show give you a fascinating insight into what really happened on that dreaded day.

If you’re into hiking then you must visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, one of mother nature’s most beautiful creations. A 13-mile one way drive, it’s a very scenic route which boasts several brilliant hiking spots.

And once you’ve had an exhausting yet exhilarating day filled with sightseeing, you can head back to one of Vegas’ many luxurious hotels and unwind. If you want to visit the casino but find you just don’t have the energy having been up and about all day then don’t fear as Royal Vegas Casino is here for you. The site offers a range of casino games, just like the real thing and is available 24/7. You can access it from your smartphone or tablet so you don’t even have to leave your huge king sized bed, and can even order room service so you don’t get peckish as you play. Just like being in a casino really!


So even in the city that never sleeps, you can still gamble from the comfort of your expensive hotel room. But which hotel do you chose? Of course there’s the Bellagio with it’s famous casino and beautiful fountains. There’s also the Venetian.

The sky scraping hotel also boasts a wonderful casino and has been described as one of the nicest hotels in Vegas. It’s “gorgeous” rooms are large enough for you to get lost in and the shopping and dining experiences available make the hotel all the more wonderful. The décor is amazing and although it’s bustling, particularly on Saturday evenings, there’s always a member of staff on hand to cater for you.