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The wonderful world of Bitcoin casinos!

The wonderful world of Bitcoin casinos!

Wed, Jun 21, 2017


Did you know that online casinos are now way more popular that the traditional land casinos? Their popularity has risen to stratospheric proportions over the last few years, and now, more people than ever are logging on via their laptop, tablet, or smartphone, to access an incredible range of top quality online casino games and slots. Land casinos with their noisy, smoky games halls just aren’t cutting the mustard anymore!

Along with the digitalisation of casinos and casino games, the world of finance, payments and money has also been revamped. Gone are the days of cheques, bank transfers, and even dollars and pounds- nowadays, everyone including Forbes.com is talking about Bitcoin and lots of sites like BitcoinGG.com have popped up to hell people understand exactly what is going on!

But what is Bitcoin I hear you ask? As explained by BusinessInsider.com Bitcoin is what is known as a cryptocurrency and it was developed in 2009 by an unnamed, secretive, techwizard who wanted to create an alternative currency that would revolutionise the way that we spend. The Bitcoins are ‘mined’ by solving complicated mathematical and crypto logical problems, and for each problem that is solved, you get some Bitcoins. These can then be used to donate, purchase items, or pay for services such as online casinos or dating websites!

But what makes using Bitcoin in an online casino, better using cash or card?


A great selection of games

A great example of an online casino specifically geared towards Bitcoin users is mBit Casino. With over 900 games on offer from all the big name developers, as well as extremely generous bonuses and special offers that are just not available to other clients, they are paving the way in the elite and special world of Bitcoin gambling.

Quicker payments

Depending on your chosen method of ePayment, you can sometimes end up waiting 3-5 working days for a payment to go through, or be deposited which can be very frustrating at times. When it comes to gambling in a land casino, you have the hassle of having to withdraw money and walk around with big amounts of cash on you should you win. Paying with Bitcoin is often instant and is much more convenient than its more old-fashioned counterparts.

Heightened security

Bitcoin allows you to make transactions and play completely anonymously. For those that want to visit casinos under the radar, it is the perfect solution.

Low Cost

As well as offering clients, pretty much instant transfers and deposits, there is also no cost associated with Bitcoin payments. Whereas some banks bold on transfer charges, exchange rate and currency related charges- these do not exist with Bitcoin making it cheaper to use than other, more traditional methods.

If you are considering dipping your toe into the world of online casinos, we recommend you do so with your stash of Bitcoin. Offering a much better experience- quicker, cheaper, more secure, and more fun- you really cannot go wrong!