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The history of Las Vegas and Gambling

The history of Las Vegas and Gambling

Sun, Jan 14, 2018


When we think of casinos, most of us will automatically cast our minds to the bright lights and deafening sounds of Las Vegas. A town that became a city in Nevada, United States of America, is now the gambling mecca of the entire world.

Travelling to Las Vegas is a dream come true for many, but for some it will just remain somewhere on the bucket list. For those that cannot just pack up and head off to Vegas, do not fear as you can still enjoy the thrills and spills of the casino, right from the comfort of your own home. Luckily there are plenty of websites that offer you a rundown of the best online slots sites where you can play away to your hearts content and win big prizes as you would in the world’s finest casinos.

But how did Las Vegas become the centre of global gambling? Let us read on to find out more.

The history


Back in the 1800s and early 1900s gambling was first introduced gradually to the small town of Las Vegas, situated in the Nevada desert. Gold rush explorers and seekers started to settle the area more and more and they brought with them their card and table games. Shortly after, a nationwide crackdown and eventual ban put a stop to all of the gambling establishments in the area and drove it all underground.

Then in 1931, a change happened which radically altered the future of the town. The construction of the Hoover Dam started, and it brought with it an influx of thousands of workers into the town. Gambling was legalised shortly after and it brought a huge amount of money, wealth and prosperity to this once sleepy town.

The first casino built was called El Rancho and was built by a man by the name of Tommy Hull. It was situated on what would later become the Vegas Strip and his venture encouraged many more businessmen to set up similar establishments around the area, including famous gangster Bugsy Seigel.

The modern day


Then in the 70’s the fashion for huge, luxurious resorts meant that Vegas underwent a transformation into a family friendly holiday location, not just one for gambling alone. Today, Vegas is one of the most, if not the most glamorous city in the entire world and has cemented its place as the global gaming capital. Its reach and influence has seen copycat casinos and franchises spring up all over the world from Monte Carlo to Macau. And of course, in the online world, most of the successful online casinos model their style and feel around that of the famed Las Vegas Strip.