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The Strip Tours

Las Vegas Strip Tours

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How can you see the Strip if you don’t Really See the Strip? The Las Vegas Strip is packed with more excitement for all ages than any other mile long stretch of road on the planet. If you spent a week in Vegas you couldn’t do half of what the Las Vegas Strip has to offer.

And the best way to get a feel for the whole thing is with a tour! Not just any tour though, you want to go in style. Every Las Vegas Strip Hotel/Casino offers a fantastic double-decker trolley ride up and down this world famous street, and in many cases it’s free.

Hiring a limo is another uniquely Vegas option. Limos are notoriously inexpensive in Vegas, and if you’re staying at one of the casinos ask your concierge to set it up. As a bonus, many limo drivers know the ins and outs of the city pretty well, and they can often help you get a good seat or into an exclusive nightclub.

Finally, the most beautiful way to really get a feel for the Strip is a night-time helicopter ride. Many companies book these, and there is nothing like hovering over all of the Vegas lights on a warm evening. Book in advance though, these are often hard to get.