Going To Vegas
Vinnie Favorito

3555 Las Vegas Blvd South


Vinnie Favorito

A little north of the southeast corner of Flamingo Rd. and Las Vegas Blvd. between Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and the Imperial Palace is perhaps the most storied hotel casino on the Strip, the Flamingo. Most stop by this famous (and infamous) Vegas resort for the great atmosphere, exciting gaming, and for prices well below average by Strip standards. Along with everything else the Flamingo has going for it, it’s the home of Vinnie Favorito, an off-the-cuff in your face brand of humor that takes no prisoners. Everyone at the club is a target of Favorito’s humor, so watch out.

In an interview Favorito said, “The beauty of my show is you could be the richest person in the world, but once you\'re in my show you\'re in the same tax bracket as the white trash guy sitting behind you. I don\'t care. Everybody\'s the same in my book.” So if you are in the mood for some no holds barred, take no prisoner comedy this is the place for you. Favorito started his career on the East Coast in 1985 and since has made a big name for himself all over the country, and he is particularly sought after for roasts – which happen to match his particular brand of humor perfectly.

"I don\'t shun away from anything. Even sensitive subjects - I find a way to find the brighter side of them... Everyone is really treated equally in my show," said Favorito.

HoursTicket prices start at $65.02.
Dress CodeThis is an 18 and over show. Show times are daily at 8:00 p.m. but check with the Bugsy’s Cabaret in the Flamingo to make sure Favorito is playing that week, for example the theatre is dark much of the end of June 2011. The show lasts approximately 60 minutes.