Going To Vegas
Scott Lewis

2901 Las Vegas Blvd

Scott Lewis

With its star spangled exterior and its location on the very north end of the Strip, the Riviera is an older hotel, over 50 years, with a lot of history. It has been the backdrop for many Hollywood films spanning decades and today is still a favorite for tourists and locals alike. With low prices by Strip standards on everything from gambling to food and entertainment, the Riviera will likely continue to be a popular spot for years to come. One of the favorite shows within the Riviera is Dr. Scott Lewis Outrageous Comedy Hypnotist.

If you think all Vegas hypnotists are about sexual innuendo and dirty jokes though, think again. Dr. Scott Lewis puts on a very clean show by Vegas standards. Within the intimate Bistro Theater inside the Riviera Dr. Lewis, former chiropractor keeps volunteers in character throughout to the delight of those in the audience. Because every week has a different set of volunteers, you’re always sure to get something new and interesting when you show up. The key to being hypnotized is “relax and stay focused” according to the experts so if you are feeling daring this might be a chance to see what it feels like to really be hypnotized.

In addition to hypnotizing for entertainment, Dr. Lewis has helped people lose as much as 100 lbs, quit smoking, and improve their memory, all through hypnosis.

HoursTickets start at $29.25.
Dress CodeThis is an 18 and over show. Show times are every Monday at 9:00 p.m. Reservations are suggested.