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Las Vegas Mob Experience
Las Vegas Mob Experience

3801 Las Vegas Blvd South


Las Vegas Mob Experience

It has been a familiar site on the Strip for decades. Located on the southeast corner of Tropicana Ave. and Las Vegas Blvd. the Tropicana is in the midst of a $180 million renovation. The changes are partially complete with new chairs for the slot machine, new carpeting, and a completely revamped South Beach look from the lettering in the “Tropicana” sign outside to new marble tiling. In addition the entire face of the casino has been redone with a cream white marble exterior. While the hotel is going modern, at least one of their shows is reminiscent of the olden days in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Mob Experience.

Mob Experience recaps the truth about organized crime in Sin City, and how much of what it is today can be attributed to the mob. A 26,000 square foot area takes you through true tales of famed crime lords and how they were involved with the casinos. In addition the experience boasts the largest collection of authentic artifacts, memorabilia, photos and videos of organized crime in the world. With 3-D technology you are guided through the attraction by a famed gangster from the past. Some of the guides include Mickey Rourke, James Cann, Steve Schippa, Frank Vincent and Tony Sirico. You go through back alleys, docks and secret hideouts. During the experience you hear the story of famous criminals like “Bugsy” Siegel and Myer Lansky.

The attraction does not glorify or vilify these shady individuals, simply tells their story. The technology used is unlike anything else in the world right now, and creates an interactive and personalized experience.

HoursTickets start at $39.95.
Dress CodeNo age restrictions. Show times are daily at 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.