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Fear and Laughing

115 East Tropicana Avenue


Fear and Laughing

What goes with great beer, wings, gaming and hooters? Comedy of course and Hooters is Las Vegas has all of this and some to spare. Located just off of the Las Vegas Strip on Tropicana Ave. next to the Tropicana and across from the MGM Hooters is home of a couple of hot comedy shows including The Dirty Joke and Fear and Laughing in Las Vegas.

Fear and Laughing in Las Vegas is of course a play on the title of the irreverent and far ahead of its time classic “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” This show is well worth seeing featuring one of the most sought after performers in Las Vegas Todd Paul. Starting off as a street performer at San Francisco’s famous Pier 39 before taking his act global, Todd Paul displays a diverse talent array, off-setting his standup with card tricks atop a six foot unicycle, playing some Jimi Hendrix on a guitar, a bit of beatnik poetry, and some outstanding contact juggling. You’ll be laughing from the first bit to the very end when you stop by to see Fear and Laughing in Las Vegas.

HoursTickets range from $24.95 to $29.95.
Dress CodeShows Nightly at 8pm, dark Thursdays & Fridays