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Donny and Marie

3555 Las Vegas Blvd South


Donny and Marie

Just a couple hundred feet north of the southeast corner of Flamingo Rd. and Las Vegas Blvd. between Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and the Imperial Palace is perhaps the most historic hotel casino on the Strip, the Flamingo. Most come to this Vegas resort for the great atmosphere, exciting gaming, and for prices much lower than other resorts on the Strip. There is another reason you should visit the Flamingo though, and that is the great show Donny and Marie host regularly.

The entire Osmond family has been a big part of Las Vegas for decades now, in fact Donny and Marie first sang together on stage at Caesars palace back in 1973. The Osmond family played at just about every hotel on the Strip at one time or another. Today the duo plays exclusively at the Flamingo. They’re singing is spectacular and they cover a number of hits, some old some new. In addition they play favorites from other artists as well. A major facet of the show, other than the music of course, is the legendary sibling rivalry. In large part the show follows the theme of the 1970’s hit television show including dancing, humor and their hit shows. Intertwined with the show, the performers relate various stories to the audience. Whether you are a fan of the 70’s show or if you’ve never heard of the Osmonds before now, this show is a lot of fun for everyone.

HoursTicket prices start at $109.
Dress CodeShow times are Tuesday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and dark on Sunday and Monday. Reserving a seat is recommended.