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Las Vegas Seasons

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You see it every winter in Las Vegas. Just visit McCarran as a plane lands from southern California, or as they pull into their hotel from a 4 or 5 hour drive and get out of a car, tourists arriving for their first winter visit to Vegas:
ďWhat is this on my skin? Is thisÖ cold?Ē Yes, that is cold, and you are in Las Vegas.
Cold can be surprise for some but most at least understand that it will be hot in the summer, however if you are from an area with moderate temperatures, the first time you walk outside when itís 110 Fahrenheit or so it may be something of a shock, dry heat or not. Donít worry, you get used to it.

Spring and fall can vary. Some years you wonít get much of a season, one day itís hot, the next cold or vice versa, other times youíll get a couple months of perfect temperatures, more on that below.

Summer in Las Vegas

Itís not as bad as you think. Generally the warmest summer months, from June thru August (it can vary) temperatures will remain from high 90ís to low 100ís Fahrenheit with 20 percent humidity. A dry heat as they say which makes it more tolerable for most. Night-time temperatures during the summer are usually very comfortable, dropping about 20 degrees. Summer weather usually lasts from around April through September and sometimes early October.

The hottest days will get above 110, and youíll have a couple crazy days of 115 or so, and at that point it really doesnít matter how dry the heat is. This is not the norm for the entire summer. July 2011 saw the hottest month in history, every day reaching over 100 degrees at some point. Record high is 117, which has been reached on a couple of occasions.

Fall and Spring

In Las Vegas seasons can change pretty fast. You may get a week or even a couple weeks of comfortable weather, then one day itís just really hot or really cold depending which way itís changing. Check the forecast if you are visiting this time of year, we may get a rogue week that feels like the weather is about to change followed by another month or so of really hot or cold temperatures.

Spring can begin as early as February and last until April. These months will see some perfect weather, but it could at any time get cold again.

Fall is usually October and November, and again it can vary. The end of October may be very cold, but November could have some of the nicest weather of the year.

Winter in Las Vegas

Most hotels close their pools and night-time lows can drop to below freezing (it even snows a couple times a decade). So be prepared. On the other hand, much of the winter will see temperatures of 60 Fahrenheit and over. Once youíre acclimated to Vegas weather this will feel pretty cold (or if youíre from someplace tropical) but sure enough youíll find New Yorkers, tourists from Chicago, Detroit, etc. in shorts and t-shirts wondering why the poolís closed. Watch out for the wind too, it can gust upwards of 40 miles per hour making it feel even colder.

Does it Rain in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas averages only 4 inches of rain a year, mostly during June and August. Flash floods are a possibility, but are not common. It snowed in specific areas in 2003, and in 2008 and 2009.