Going To Vegas
Pick up these souvenirs from your Vegas trip!
Pick up these souvenirs from your Vegas trip!

Pick up these souvenirs from your Vegas trip!

Tue, May 03, 2016

Any trip to Vegas is not complete without several things – firstly, a spot of gambling, be it online beforehand to get your skills up to date, or in an actual casino; secondly, a spot of buffet gorging at one of the many gastronomical delight establishments; and thirdly, shopping until you drop.

Now, you might not have the cash to splash in the designer stores, and in that case you could either save up a little beforehand, maybe try and win a little extra cash, such as heading to online casino websites, like http://vegas.williamhill.com/ for example, or you could simply budget with what you do have. However you choose to shop in this city of madness, there are a few souvenirs you simply can’t head home without. Yes, they’re tacky, yes, you probably won’t use them again, but you certainly have to have them in your return luggage to complete any Vegas trip.

Something ‘Welcome to Vegas’ related

This could be a fridge magnet, which is certainly a favourite, or it could be a miniature stand/ornament. My personal favourite is the paper weight; come on, who doesn’t need a paper weight?!

A casino chip fridge magnet

This is a rite of passage, and you will find them for around $1 at any store. Stock up with on these and give them to friends as presents – cheap and very suitable – again, everyone needs a fridge magnet in their life!

Las Vegas Monopoly

On those days you’re feeling a little sombre, and thinking back on the fun you had in Vegas, you can pull out this game and play, remembering where you went and what you did. Everyone loves Monopoly, and this edition will bring back fond memories.

A dice keyring

Tacky and kitschy but oh-so needed! Again, a great suggestion as a present for family and friends too, without breaking the bank.

Anything Elvis related

You can’t go to Vegas and head home without something Elvis related in your suitcase. You will find many versions of The King on the streets as you walk around, who will be happy to have their photo taken with you for a price, and if that’s your choice of souvenir, go for it. On the other hand, a lighter, t-shirt, or anything Elvis-esque will do.

A shot glass

Again, when you want to reminisce about the crazy Vegas nights you had, pull out your Vegas shot glasses and try and recreate the magic!

What happens in Vegas … T-shirt

Come on, you know you want to!

Photos from any experience you had

If you went on a helicopter ride over the Strip, or you went to the Grand Canyon on a day trip, you will no doubt have been accosted by photographers wanting to immortalise your image for future reference. If you have specifically fond memories of a day with a loved one, why not buy one of those photos, and keep it forever?

Yes, these suggestions are up there on the tacky metre, but hey, we all love a bit of tack from time to time!