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Las Vegas Casinos VS Online Casinos

Mon, Jun 27, 2016

Casinos and gambling are extremely popular around the world. Las Vegas is well known as a destination for casinos but even those not willing to travel to Vegas can get their gambling fix through online casinos.

The first online gaming casinos were established in 1996 and since then the growth and popularity of the online gaming community has skyrocketed. The industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year and isn’t showing any signs of stopping any time soon.

But how can you compare the luxury of playing at the Wynn with free cocktails, choice of food, opposed to the comfort of you own couch.

For those looking for their options there are many differences between the two types of casinos: Las Vegas and online.


Online gaming communities often support multiple languages in their live casino games. This means in one game there can be players from around the world. real life games at Las Vegas can be severely limited by language barriers.


On the same hand as language are currencies. Land based casinos in Las Vegas won’t be able to accept currencies from around the world. Online gaming systems typically are set up to support currencies from gamblers in hundreds of countries. Online casinos then remove the need to convert large sums of currency and possibly lose money from the conversion.

Real Money

One very real difference between the two forms of casinos is dealing with real, physical money versus online electric money. For many, Las Vegas casinos that force you to use real money, helps to keep them in check and regulate their spending slightly. Virtual casinos are easy to forget this aspect. It can feel like the money is only online or ‘play’.

Dress code

When it comes to dress code online versus Las Vegas casinos differ greatly. When playing in an online casino you can dress in whatever you choose. Gamble in your pjs or with nothing on, it doesn’t matter! Las Vegas hotels, however, frown upon being significantly under dressed at the tables.


Traveling to Las Vegas and springing for a hotel room to gamble can cost a pretty penny. If you stay in your armchair, the only costs you accumulate are those associated with the actual gambling itself.


Gambling in a Las Vegas casino is chock full of distractions. Some people prefer to play with real people, seeing real physical ticks and interactions. While others prefer the privacy of their own home and the lack of distractions in that environment. 
Unfortunately thought David Copperfield will not be performing in your lounge.