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Las Vegas During The Day

Las Vegas during the day?

Wed, Jun 22, 2016

If you are under the rather false assumption that Las Vegas is simply a city which comes alive at night, stop your thoughts right there!

Vegas is alive 24/7, and that means that during the daylight hours there are still plentiful activities to enjoy and pass the time until the evening hours. Of course, we know that Vegas is a gambling haven, which is packed with casinos as the site to witness your big win! Get some practice in before you head to the city of fun by checking out Kewl Casino, and see if you can hone your skills. Casino fun is certainly something you can do to pass a few hours during the day.

If gambling during the day isn’t your thing, or you want to mix it up a little, check out these few suggestions.

Visit the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

You won’t be able to move without seeing advertisements for excursions to the Grand Canyon, and most of them will stop by Hoover Dam on the way. This is a must do if you have the time, however you can choose how you see this awe-inspiring might of nature – you can either go and see it by helicopter, flying over the top of it, or you can head to the observation deck, and check it out that way. If you go for the latter, remember there will be crowds!


You can literally shop ‘til you drop in Vegas, and if you have the cash to splash, there are countless designer boutiques to try. You will find the large names, such as Gucci, Versace, and the like, however there is also a large outlet too, where you will find money off such names like Levi and Gap. Or you might just want to buy the right dress to go to a casino.

You can still gamble!

Yes, we are trying to give you suggestions on things to do, but we can’t avoid the fact that you can gamble in the day if you feel the need! All casinos are open 24/7, they literally do not close, so if you’ve been wandering around the Strip for a few hours and you’re heading back to your hotel before dinner, you can easily stop by the casino on the way to your room for an hour or so, and enjoy a great cocktail (did you try the cocktail “Casino”?).

Use the hotel pools

The large themed hotels all have pools, and on those hot Vegas days you will be glad of the chance to cool down! Again, the pool areas can get crowded, so head down there early to grab your sun-lounger, and don’t forget sun safety – the heat of the desert can be unforgiving at times.

Stratosphere tower

If you have a head for heights, this is a must do! The view across the desert into the far beyond is stunning, and if you want to up the adrenaline, there are rides you can enjoy at altitude! Obviously, this isn’t one for those who are scared of heights, but if you don’t mind so much, make your way to the far end of the Strip and enjoy!

Pictures at the Welcome to Vegas sign are better in the day

There is something about Vegas that means unless you have a seriously good camera, night-time photographs just aren’t the same. The iconic Welcome to Vegas sign is somewhere you have to visit and have a Kodak moment, but to get the best lighting, head there during the day. Now, the sign is located at the far end of the Strip, on the way to the airport, and you really do need wheels to get there – the hop on and off bus is a good way to visit.

Hop on and off bus

To get around the Strip and see it all you need seriously good walking shoes, because distances are very misleading; perhaps it’s a desert mirage, but what you think will take you five minutes will probably take you three hours! The hop on and off bus is therefore a great way to get around, whilst also learning something from the on-board commentary. You can purchase day tickets or bundles, which saves you having to pay every time.