Going To Vegas

Signature Hotel & Casino

145 East Harmon Avenue
4.5 star hotel
No of Rooms40
LocationOff Strip

It’s not a casino, but it’s connected to one… that counts right? signature isa series of three elegant towers rising above the landscape adjacent to the MGMGrand and only a hop, skip, and jump or two from the Strip. These are gatedresorts with a range of suites in each. Towers 1 and 3 have fitness centers andall three have heated outdoor pools, so if you like to swim but hate working out2 is the place for you. Otherwise most accommodations are identical includingindividual valet at each individual tower. All three structures are connectedvia indoor walkways to each other and to the MGM Grand, and guests at each enjoyall of the perks of one staying within the MGM Grand. The bonus is these towersoffer nicer rooms, better service, and a better view from the upper floors ofeither the Strip or the surrounding mountains. The downside is only that thereis going to be a bit more walking involved when you feel like gambling orchecking out the scenery of the Strip.

The service and the view is outstanding, however it is a 4.5 star hotel, nota 5 star hotel – they are priced 5 star however due perhaps to the general feelof the place and the view. It’s not the Bellagio though. signature attracts amore affluent crowd, and often families. This is also great for those who likethe Strip in small doses and want an easy and nearby retreat from the chaos.Also, the views are quite breathtaking from the upper floors so that should notbe overlooked. In general signature is not as well known as most Strip or nearthe Strip resorts and the clientele varies. Booking ahead is highly recommended,and you may have better luck here than Strip casinos but they may fill up duringbusy holidays and weekends.


signature does offer the full range of services of any 5 star hotel and theservice and accommodations are generally highly rated. If you have specificneeds contact the hotel.

signature Restaurant


Only a place called Delights in tower 2.


Blue Hour is held on Fridays and Saturdays at the Pool in Tower 1.

Note: signature does not have a Casino. The following amenities,entertainment, gaming options, etc are available at MGM Grand and guests ofsignature have full access to all MGM Grand has to offer

signature Room


It is the largest casino floor in Las Vegas at 171,500 square feet. Don’t gettoo impressed however because it is not even in the top ten largest in theworld. The largest casino floor is the Venetian in China at around half amillion square feet. Still, the MGM Grand is enormous and it features all of thepopular casino games from Blackjack to Roulette and everything else you’ll findin any Vegas casino. It also has tons of slot machines in every corner of thecasino floor, a large poker room, and considering its size a relatively smallRace and Sports Book at only 104 seats, 94 televisions and 44 big screens.


You have tons of options for where to eat including Joel Robuchon, L’Atelier deJoel Robuchon, Seablue, Tom Colicchio’s Craft Steakhouse, Pearl, Diego, FiammaTrattoria, Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House, Nobhill Tavern, Rainforest Café,Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, Grand Wok and Sushi Bar, Shibuya, Studio Café, StageDeli, Grand Buffet, witchcraft, and the Cabana Grille which is open in thesummer months. They also have a large food court with several options.


There are bars throughout the casino floor and drinks are free for gamblers,tipping of course is customary. Tabu ultra lounge doubles as a nightspot andduring the day a bar restaurant. MGM Grand is not a top choice for party goersoutside of Tabu and Studio 54.


Here you will find a 115,000 square foot shopping promenade. Some of the storesinclude: Watch Boutique, Misura Men's Shop, Optica, Xclusiv, The Sony 3-DExperience, 32 Degrees bar and Paradiso . Star Lane Shops includes an arcade andthese shops: Vittorio, Haagan Daaz, Bijous-Terner, Grand Candy, Pearl Factory,Positively Grand, Welcome to Las Vegas, Rainforest Cafe shop and HarleyDavidson, Everything's $10, Star Magnets, Yummy's Cafe, New York Pretzel,Houdini's Magic Shop, City of Lights, Nathan's and Fat Tuesday. Other stores inthe hotel include Front Page News Stand, Davidoff, Marshall Grand Spirits, MGMGrand & Co.


As mentioned MGM Grand is not one of the top choices for party goers. Tabu andStudio 54 are however popular spots with mostly a tourist crowd.


They offer one of the larger convention accommodations of a hotel with a 50,000square foot ballroom and a 62,000 square foot grand ballroom. Smaller conventionrooms are also available. Call for details.

signature Pool


A 27,000 square foot complex with 5 separate pools, 3 Jacuzzis and a 1,000 footlazy river.


The popular Cirque du Soleil production KA plays here, and this is also home ofMGM Grand Crazy Horse Paris. It also hosts visiting headliners.


They have an enormous 29,000 square foot spa area with 20 treatment rooms,massage and additional services. Cristophe Salon is located here.