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Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

1 Fremont Street
2.5 star hotel
No of Rooms3
Golden Gate

By far the oldest standing casino in Las Vegas, the Golden Gate first opened its doors in 1906. Located in the heart of Downtown, it is noticeably dwarfed by its neighboring casinos. The Golden Gate however is proud of its smallness, and enjoys its reputation as the coziest as well as most historic major hotel casino in all of Las Vegas. If you are looking for vintage this is it. They have a number of firsts under their belt including the first shrimp cocktail ever served in a Casino in Las Vegas – which today is something of a staple of most of the casinos. 

Don’t let the history and the age of the structure itself fool you though, along with other hotels in the Downtown area the Golden Gate has undergone a number of renovations, more so here perhaps than at many of the neighboring hotels. They now offer a number of modern amenities within the rooms and have updated their outward appearance. They’ve also innovated a few changes, including “Dealer Dancers” who you can only find here and only between the hours of 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Golden Gate caters to a range of guests from true gaming enthusiasts, to those seeking the older side of Vegas, to a younger party crowd who wants to save money on their Las Vegas vacation. There are only 106 rooms at the Golden Gate, it is one of the smallest hotel casinos in Las Vegas, so be sure to book ahead. This is especially true during the summer months and around any busy holiday.


The Golden Gate casino is considered an excellent spot to gamble, and is a Downtown favorite. They host all of the popular casino games, and have very low limits at most tables. Despite its comparably small casino floor, only 10,000 square feet, they have a variety of slots as well, with many options for gamers. They do not have a poker room or a Sports Book; there is a betting kiosk for sports gamblers though.

Golden Gate Room


As mentioned Golden Gate has only 106 rooms. These are medium sized, well-kept and clean. They are recently upgraded and host a number of modern amenities, the rooms however are not generally rated high, and Golden Gate is considered only a two star hotel. Most guests choose Golden Gate for the cozy and friendly atmosphere and to save tons of money over Strip prices.


One of the main attractions of the entire Downtown area is how much vacationers can save. The Golden Gate is an excellent example and is often even less expensive than its neighboring casinos all in terms of room rates, gambling, and other expenses.


Being one of the smallest casinos in all of Vegas, Golden Gate offers only a couple of dining options, Du Par’s Deli for afternoon snacks, or Du Par’s Restaurant for Dinner. Both are priced very well and have a range of excellent food.


They do not have a major bar, however just outside of the doors Golden Gate sells frozen drinks and this is very popular for guests of the hotel and passers-by alike. They also have a decent size bar on the casino floor. As always drinks are free for gamblers, tipping customary, and look for dollar drink specials which are available regularly.


Golden Gate has only one small gift shop. It is geared toward tourists looking for small souvenirs for their trip to Las Vegas and they may carry a few necessities as well. A pharmacy is conveniently located nearby however, right on Fremont Street.


There is no specific nightlife, as in bars or clubs other than the casino bar. Golden Gate is known for being very lively at all hours however, as is the case with all of the casinos on Fremont Street. 


Golden Gate offers a limited number of services to guests, and is considered only a two star hotel. It does offer all of the essential services such as laundry and maid service. Ask the concierge if you have specific needs or concerns. Note that there is no room service for guests and there is not shuttle service to and from the airport.


Golden Gate has no space designated for convention use.


There is no pool at the Golden Gate hotel casino


There are no shows or entertainment at Golden Gate. They are located right next to Fremont Street which has live and free entertainment 24/7 and year round, including Viva Vegas nightly.


Golden Gate does not have a spa.