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Fremont Hotel & Casino

202 East Fremont Street
3.0 star hotel
No of Rooms

Fremont casino is one of the most visited casinos in the famed Downtown Vegas area, and the namesake of Fremont Street where you will find Viva Vegas and 24/7 entertainment year round. It is literally right in the middle of all of the Downtown excitement and is known for more than great gaming and a vibrant party atmosphere, it also hosts some of the best dining in the Downtown area. At 32,000 square feet it is also one of the larger casino floors on the Strip.

Fremont has benefited greatly from the recent Downtown renovations. The Downtown makeover saw upgrades and improvements to the Street itself and the bars and hotel casinos in the area. Fremont caters to a party crowd and is full of excitement at all hours of the day and year round, and especially during busy holidays and all through the summer.

While the Downtown hotels are generally not as busy as the Strip, booking ahead is always suggested for Downtown hotels and all hotels in Las Vegas during busier times of the year.

Fremont Casino


Fremont has a large casino for the Downtown area at 32,000 square feet. It has a wide range of table games from Blackjack to Roulette and all of the popular casino games. It also has Keno and Let It Ride. They have a popular Poker room and a number of slots. Limits are fairly low and range depending on the clientele and how busy they are at the time. They have an average sized Sports Book seating 42 with 30 televisions and on big screen television.

Fremont Rooms


Fremont is relatively small by Vegas standards but has an average number of rooms by Downtown standards at 447. The rooms have benefited from recent renovations but it should be noted it is an older casino and this may be apparent even in the renovated rooms. They are of average size and fair quality. Most stay for the price and fantastic location and not specifically the quality of the rooms. Prices vary by season and occupancy at a particular time, but are always far less expensive than the Strip.


As mentioned Fremont has excellent prices, and this is a great option for anyone who wants the full Las Vegas experience but who does not want to spend as much as they would on the Strip. The room rates are low, it has low gambling limits well within most casual gamers’ budget, and they have great food for a bargain.

Fremont Restaurants


One of the things most notable about Fremont is the quality of the dining, especially for the price. They also have a wider range of options than many of the Downtown casinos. Some of the restaurants include the Paradise Buffet, Tony Roma’s, Paradise Café, Second Street Grill, Lanai Express, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Reservations usually are not necessary at any of their restaurants.


While they do not have a specific bar in the classical sense, there is a small bar on the casino floor where one can order drinks at any time. As always drinks are free to gamblers and served by a cocktail waitress, tipping is customary. In addition prices on drinks at the casino bar are excellent and they often have dollar well drinks and margaritas, times and days these specials may be in effect may vary and often this special is not specific to a casino but available throughout the Downtown area.


Fremont has one small gift shop with souvenirs and other Vegas memorabilia and some necessities.


There is no specific nightlife in Fremont as in bars or clubs however it is right in the middle of Fremont Street which is lively 24/7. There are dozens of bars throughout the area and Fremont casino can be described as lively and catering to a “party” crowd at all hours day and night.


Fremont offers a range of services common at any hotel casino Downtown including maid service, laundry, and luggage. It should be noted they do not offer room service. Shuttle service is free to and from the airport through an outside company and this is not available at every hotel Downtown.


There is no convention space in Fremont, but nearby hotels may designate space for this service. Ask front desk or your concierge for details.


Fremont does not have a pool.


Fremont is one of the few hotels that does not host any sort of in house entertainment. It is centrally located on Fremont Street however where you can find live and free entertainment at all hours and year round.


Fremont does not have a spa.