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California Hotel & Casino

12 East Ogden Avenue
3.0 star hotel
No of Rooms

The California Hotel Casino is a favorite for locals and for tourists who enjoy an “older” Vegas feel. It is well known for a friendly and familiar atmosphere, great food, spacious rooms for the price, and an all around excellent deal compared to many Las Vegas hotel casinos. The reason is unclear outside of marketing perhaps, but the hotel is a favorite for visitors from the State of Hawaii, the majority of the rooms often are filled with Hawaiian guests despite the namesake. Following suite the hotel has converted much of its look and feel from “California” to “Island Paradise.”

California Hotel is located Downtown, very close to the Fremont Street Experience but not directly below the canopy. It is 60,000 square feet, one of the “smaller” casinos in Las Vegas.

For guests and gamblers alike, California enjoys a larger number of visitors than many of the Downtown casinos or hotels. It however is rarely filled to capacity except during specific seasons like New Years and other large events. For the best prices and to ensure a room booking in advance is always recommended.


California Hotel Casino is know for its friendly and fun atmosphere, and this extends to the gaming areas. Games include all of the staple table games in Vegas plus Caribbean Stud Poker and a lively Keno area. Limits are significantly lower than the Strip area and comparable to other Downtown casinos. Ask about higher limits. There are a number of slot machines and limits vary, mostly lower limit slots available. They have a smaller Sports Book, seating 40 with 11 television and 4 big screen televisions.

California Room


California is a small hotel with only 748 rooms. The rooms are very spacious by regular room standards, and significantly less expensive than the Strip, though about the same as other Downtown hotels depending on the season and any special events. They offer a full range of services comparable to most hotels including maid service, turn down service, and other amenities on request. To our knowledge this hotel does not have suites.


California is great for vacationers looking for the full Vegas experience but who want to spend significantly less than they would on the Strip. Room rates vary by season but are very low considering the size of each room. They are approximately the same as most Downtown rooms minus specific accommodations within the Golden Nugget. In addition, gambling, shops, food, and drink are all much less expensive at the California than at strip hotel casinos.

California Restaurants


California features excellent prices on quality food. They also feature fine dining, unlike many Downtown casinos, at the Redwood Bar & Grill. Other restaurants include; Market Street Café, Pasta Pirate, Cal Club Snack Bar, and Aloha Specialties. California and other Downtown casinos are known for serving excellent food for the price, Aloha Specialties is often busy do to their excellent food, service, and that California has a large Hawaiian clientele.


California does not have a separate area for a bar, but they do feature a bar on the casino floor. Guests may sit at the bar to order drinks. Drinks are also served to gamblers in all areas of the casino. Drinks are significantly less expensive than on the Strip. They often feature $1 dollar drink specials as do most Downtown casinos. This is available at specific times for all Downtown casinos and usually is not casino-specific. Cocktails are served to gamblers and are free, though tipping is customary.


California offers more shopping than many other Downtown casinos, some shops include; Cal Gift Shop, Cal Logo Shop, Ethel M Chocolates, Lappert’s Ice Cream, and Vegas 808. Most of the shops cater to tourists and guests who are staying within the hotel.


California offers no specific nightlife. Gaming and the casino bar are open 24/7 however, and the crowd can often be described as “vibrant” at all hours of the day and night.


California offers services comparable to any hotel, but does not offer an abundance of services outside of this.


California has several small rooms which may be rented out for small events or conventions. These are perfect for groups of 300 – 500 and smaller venues.

California Pool


California has a small 20 by 40 foot outdoor pool open in the summer to guests.


There are no shows or lounge acts within the California, however it is located close to the Fremont Street Experience, which features entertainment 24/7.


The California Hotel does not have a spa.