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Mon, Jan 28, 2013

There are a lot of them. Scratch that, there aren’t any hotels in Las Vegas, there are only “Resorts”. Either way though, there are still a lot of them. How to choose the Hotel that is right for you can be something of a challenge.

First and foremost of course there is the price – this though may not be as big a factor as you would think with all of the competing places one may stay. One of the little known facts of Vegas Hotels is that they are all basically owned by two companies, and they rate their prices so none outshine the other too terribly much. The main factor when choosing your hotel is what sort of accommodations you would like, location, and whether you are interested in a particular theme since many hotels do have themes here. For a complete description click the links, but here’s a good start:

Younger Crowd

Though it has the history of a classic old-school casino, Mirage has over the last decade re-emerged as a trendy spot for the younger party goers. Joining in this category are hotels like Treasure Island, Mandalay, Planet Hollywood, Bally’s, and of course Hard Rock.

Classic Vegas

This is the entire Downtown area – they are all about the Rat Pack classic luxury feel. Joining them on the Strip you might want to look at staples like The Flamingo.