Going To Vegas
Four Tips for Gaming on a Trip to Vegas

Four Tips for Gaming on a Trip to Vegas

Fri, Dec 15, 2017

Las Vegas is known for many things, although it is no secret that the chances are, if you’re going there, you’re at least a bit of a fan of gambling! Whether you’ve never played at a casino before or a seasoned veteran of the tables and the reels, there’s always room for a bit of an extra edge. Today, we’re going to share some of our best tips for having fun at the Vegas casinos – as we think you’ll agree, winning is some of the most fun that you can have in Sin City!

Go in Prepared

Virtually every major tourist resort in Vegas is part hotel, part casino, and that is without even mentioning the conference centres, event halls and other facilities on site. The room and other services on offer at the place you stay is completely down to you, but when it comes to gaming, there is no harm at all in staying local. Many visitors arrive at their hotel and don’t even leave once before heading home again! What we will say is that, in gaming terms, you’ll definitely want to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Check out the games, see what’s on offer and go into a bit of detail. Take a look at the limits on the tables, have a look for the high roller rooms if that’s what you’re after and familiarise yourself with any of the speciality games. When it comes to winning, knowing what you’re in for from the rules of the game, house edges and various tips and tricks can make a massive difference each and every time you sit down at the table.

Stay Focused

Many players consider every casino game to be a game of luck, but these are generally the ones that don’t do too well on the games on a regular basis! In actuality, while there is plenty of luck involved, having your brain switched on and making the right decisions at the right time, whether on the slots, tables or elsewhere, can be absolutely crucial for reining in some of that house edge.

A big part of maintaining your focus involves staying well fed and hydrated. Drinks will never be an issue when you’re playing, and you should never try to pay for one – whether you’re into cocktails, beer, coffee or soft drinks, if you’re already playing, the casino wants you to stay where you are and getting up to get a drink is an unwanted interruption to proceedings! They will bring the drinks to you and you can keep what you would have spent on them for another spin.

Food is a slightly different matter, in that you might well have to shell out for that, or at least have it included in your travel package. This also depends on your play, as your activity levels will often dictate your comp package at the casino. Either way, all you can eat in Vegas is never expensive, and if you plan ahead, you can not only keep hunger off your mind while playing, but also skip the queues. Essentially, try to eat at non-traditional times, that way you can get it done quickly and easily leaving more time to keep the wins rolling in!

Take Advantage of the Hospitality

We have already mentioned how casinos will go out of their way to keep you playing, and that can lead to plenty of perks. You could opt to take lessons if you’re brand new to a certain game, and the casinos will often offer completely free lessons in blackjack, baccarat and other games, and some of the bigger names might even have a poker pro on hand to share his insights. The casino loses nothing by teaching you how to play – even with perfect play on these games, the odds are slightly in their favour. However, they like to make the new player experience as comfortable as possible because if you don’t know how to play a game, you might never come back!

Even if you don’t want or need lessons, there are still plenty of perks out there. Incidentally, in line with their online counterparts, it is easier than ever to pick up a land-based casino no deposit bonus, where the casino will actually give you some chips to get into the action. It does help to at least pretend to be new here as casinos are not generally in the habit of giving money away! But, in a world where they want you on the games at all costs, there is no harm in taking advantage!

Take a Break

Sure, the casinos might want you at the tables as much as possible, but they can’t force you! We don’t want to go too deep into general gambling strategy as part of this feature, but it makes sense that taking time to collect your thoughts if you’re on a bad streak, or even just taking a few minutes to freshen up – potentially with the food and drinks mentioned above. A bad streak can lead to chasing, which is rarely a good idea as this too will have an impact on your thought process, and even a bit of fatigue can lead to your blackjack basic strategy going awry!