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Fine Dining

Fine Dining Guide

Fri, May 31, 2013

Whether we all have sun sickness or it is something inherent in human nature, the pattern since the time of the Pharaohs seems to be to take a desert where we should have next to nothing, thumb our nose at nature and fill it will every excess known to man. In Las Vegas you can get Maine Lobster before the shoreline restaurant where it was caught. They fly in beef so fresh it might moo at you. Airports are busy daily, and multiple times a day, flying in food that literally the hometowns where it came from have not had a chance to wake up and greet the day before it is on your plate at one of the restaurants.

For that kind of service you need to pay though, and if there is one thing Vegas is good at, itís making you pay.

Fine dining ranges from your typical $100 per plate to restaurants where a party of five can rack up a bill youíd expect at a car dealership. Youíll find at least one amazing fine dining experience in every casino on the Strip and at most of the resorts around town. Click on the links to learn more about fine dining in Las Vegas.