Going To Vegas

Las Vegas Facts

Sun, May 05, 2013

Population of Las Vegas: 564,484
Greater Vegas Area: Nearly 2 Million
Annual Visitors: 40 Million

In Las Vegas there are more men than women 49.3% to 50.7%. In most of the rest of the world there are more women than men (around 49.3% men to 50.7% women)

Conclusion: Men like to live in a place with a lot of Strip Clubs.


Over 70% of the population is over 18.

Age of consent in Nevada is 16.

Percent of people who know age of consent in Nevada is 16, 7.5%.

The last statistic is made up.

The percent of people who are pretty sure it should be 18, 99.9%.

12.6% of the population is over 65.

6.9% of the population is under 5.

20.5% of the population has trouble tying their shoes.

Median Age is 35.5

Median Age of the US is 36.7

Living in Vegas makes you feel 1.2 years younger. Statistical fact.

Racial Makeup

74.3% of the population is white.
12.3% African American
0.8% Native American
4.4% Asian, 4.5% if Asian includes Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian
15.1% Hispanic of Latino
2.2% Two or more races
5.8% Other race
94.2% Are not sure what “other race” could possibly be
100% Are not sure why “none of the above” is an option if “other” is also an option.
... “none of the above” about .1%. Always one joker on a census I guess.

There are 3 blue people and they have a show at the Venetian. We’re not sure what percent that is.


81.3% have a High School Diploma.
21.3% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

On Average Las Vegas is between 4 and 5% dumber than the majority of the country, 50% smarter than the south, 99% smarter than the rest of Nevada, and 100% sure Elvis is still alive.

Fun Stuff

Dead bodies at Hoover Dam: Despite what everyone says, not a single body is enclosed within the cement used to make the Hoover Dam. 96 people did die though and they haunt the Liberace Museum. No one is sure why.

Black Market Kidneys: Urban legend has it some guy had his kidney robbed by an attractive stranger. After several drinks at a casino he awoke in a tub of ice with a missing kidney and instructions to call 911. This did not happen, least not in Vegas. Reno probably, but we’re civilized people here.

Area 51 and Aliens: The Gov’ment told me to tell you there aren’t any...

That thing where they shot hotties with paintballs: Called “Hunting Bambi,” it was a hoax. If you are an attractive female in Vegas no one is going to randomly shoot you with a paintball gun. They might buy you a drink though, so watch out.

Prostitution: It is not legal in Vegas. It is legal right outside of Vegas. Visit us and we’ll give you a map. It’s like 15-20 minutes away.

Dead bodies under the bed: That’s only like happened once... well maybe twice. Okay it happens now and then, but they don’t start smelling for at least a week. Why do you think they keep the hotels so cold? In all seriousness, there has never been any report of this happening.

Megabucks Curse: Ill luck has befallen 1 - count them 1, Megabucks winner. The rest seem to have done just fine.

Howard Hughes was Actually Crazier than the Movie Made Him Out to Be: He lived in Nevada for 4 years. Upon visiting he rented the top floor of the Desert Inn along with the floor below. At check out time he didn’t want to leave so he bought the hotel and made it his home. The sign at the Silver Slipper Casino across the street annoyed him, so he bought that one too and fixed the sign in place so it would no longer flash in his window (he also bought the Sands, Castaways, Frontier, and Landmark. No word if it was because the signs annoyed him, though he did fix each up.) While living at Desert Inn his room was never cleaned and he kept his bodily waste in jars in a closet – you think I’m making this up. I’m not. He also bought a local TV station because he wanted to control what was shown late at night. He would give them a list of movies at the last minute, with no warning so the station couldn’t even advertise what was to be played later. When he left Vegas it was in a gurney, and no one could see who it was in the gurney. No one knew he had left until weeks later. Oh, he wasn’t hurt or sick, least not that anyone knows. That’s just how he wanted to leave.

Las Vegas is the only place you can... Play the slots in a grocery store. Wait in line at a club at 4am, not because there’s a long line, but because it opens at 4am. See a live band in a bar that serves alcohol at 2am. Be at the same bar and the only one there until around 1am. Stay in a room with a basketball court, or your own DJ, or made out of bottles of Vodka, or that has a bowling alley. Buy alcohol at a family grocery store in a suburb at 3am. Have a margarita brought to you in a pool while you’re playing blackjack.

Records: There are over 1000 fountains in the Belagio. The largest chocolate fountain in the world is in the Belagio. We’re home of the largest glass sculpture. The world’s larges gold nugget is at the, well it’s at the Golden Nugget. The Stratosphere is the largest freestanding observation deck, eat it Space Needle in Seattle. There are a few others, but who cares? Las Vegas has the world record for being cool, that’s the most important one.