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Botanical Gardens

3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Botanical Gardens

Bellagio, centrally located on the Strip and one of the favorites for visitors looking for the most elegant accommodations, service, and entertainment the Strip has to offer, is known for a lot of things. Not least among these is their Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

If you think mom takes flowers seriously on Mother’s Day you haven’t met the Bellagio Horticulture department or the 120 staff it employs. And if you’re asking yourself how a bunch of flowers could possibly need 120 people to take care of them then you need to watch this show.

Every year more than 5 million people see this free show, around 15 to 18 thousand every single day. They do describe it as a show, and that is because they are constantly changing the scenery and you will never walk in twice and see the same arrangements. They spend countless hours weekly coming up with new designs, layouts, and decorations for the conservatory, usually following the theme of a specific season. Over the course of a week the staff works 24 hours a day transforming the 13,573 square foot area. 10,000 potted flowers and plants are ordered a month ahead of time, and these are switched out each week. Props, plants, and the various attractions are constantly changing here. You shouldn’t miss this amazing attraction – and if you’ve been here come back and see something completely new and amazing.

HoursOpen 7 days a week, 24 hours.
Dress CodeFree