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Aquarium at Mirage

3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Aquarium at Mirage

Is the volcano in front of the Mirage too hot for you? The Mirage is full of cool attractions, most of which follow the Tropical paradise theme found throughout the hotel. This is true from the volcano outside, to the Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and the Dolphin Habitat by the pool. A great free attraction just inside that anyone can see is the 53 foot long and 8 foot high aquarium.

The Aquarium at the Mirage is one of the most popular attractions on the property. Itís an enormous 20,000 gallon saltwater aquarium with a wide variety of angelfish, puffer fish, tangs and all kinds of other exotic sea life. Visitors of all ages enjoy watching these amazing fish and sea life dart between the coral and interact with one another in a crystal clear tank. One could literally spend hours and never get tired of the amazing view. However it is located in a busy area so it may get a bit crowded at times.

It is located directly behind the front desk and a four inch acrylic window. It was designed by a team of experts with the goal of creating the best undersea environment possible. You will see sharks and stingrays swimming right next to eels, sea bass and all sorts of other creatures. The filtration and life support systems feature some of the most advanced technology of any aquarium making for a much clearer view and a healthier environment for the wildlife within. Itís not only salt water fish though. The amazing tank has almost 1,000 different types of coral and many new artificial corals.

In order to create the most advanced aquarium they could the Mirage did a complete renovation of it only a couple of years ago, donating the older tank to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. The result is one of the clearest, cleanest, and safest tanks anywhere. Guests and tourists alike enjoy watching the relaxing view and the Mirage lobby is often filled with impressed viewers.

The tank is managed and kept by the Mirageís own in house aquarists. More than 1,000 coral reef animals made up of 60 species from Australia, Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, the Red Sea, Marshall Islands, Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean. Special care was taken to ensure every species within the enormous tank would be completely compatible with the environment and the other species within the tank.

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