Going To Vegas

Las Vegas Buffets

Wed, Aug 28, 2013

Las Vegas Buffet is a phrase that has become synonymous with excess and glut for very little money. Not too long ago these cornucopias of medium-quality feed ranged from free if you were gambling to only a few bucks. Today you can still find the relatively cheep buffet on the Strip and Downtown, but the current fad is quality over quantity with the most popular spots being something more akin to a self-serve five star restaurant than the free-for-all stuff-yourself fest it once was. Planet Hollywood, Rio, Bellagio, Paris and more and more as word of mouth spreads Wynn host the most popular buffets, and prices range $30 and up for a meal ticket.

 Still not bad considering you can stock your plate with a range high-end treats at some of them from lobster tail to Kobe beef. If you are still more interested in just how much food you can get for the money than you do still have options Ė donít expect to find a $5 buffet but even in tourist areas you may see specials around $12 for all you can eat. Rule of thumb is, the less up-scale the resort, the more cost-conscious the buffet. As always your best rates are going to be at the Downtown locations with perhaps the exception of Golden Nugget.

Every large casino has a buffet, many with one particular theme or another, either specializing in seafood, American style, Chinese, etc. A lot of the off-Strip casinos have buffets as well if you feel like traveling outside of the typical tourist destinations. Click the links to find a buffet that matches your style.