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5 Tips for Conquering Slot Machines

5 Tips for Conquering Slot Machines

Tue, Oct 17, 2017

Whether we are talking about visiting your favorite land-based casino or simply browsing through the endless sea of online gambling, slot machines and slot games are the biggest attraction for gamers worldwide.

The reason is simple – in addition to being the most colorful attraction in a casino, slot machines are also quite lucrative and rewarding. The best of them can be a life changer for the luckiest of players and it is hardly a surprise to see people rushing in herds to play them.

Many people believe that luck is all that matters when it comes to slot machines but, in order to truly conquer them, you need a strategy, an approach and a plan, just like in any other battle.

Bet Smart Instead of Betting Big

Conventional beliefs are not always the best ones to go by when it comes to slot machines. One of the conventional wisdom you definitely should not follow blindly is a ‘Bet Max’ philosophy.

By betting max you can cash in big on multiple winnings – true – but you need to bear in mind that the random number generators set the same limit to chances of winning which are the same whatever you bet. It’s simple, betting max will not help you win so save your money and bet smart.

Always Check the Paytables

Avoid playing the first slot you come across or that one that attracts you the most – in a visual sense of the word. Once again, be wise. Always make sure to check and compare the slots’ paytables which will give you a clearer idea of a machine’s volatility.

Each slot machine has a unique set of paytables which can be of great difference to your bankroll on the long run. Explore the game’s wilds, scatters and bonus options to get a clearer idea of how generous a slot actually is.

Shop around, do your homework and you’ll benefit from it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Here we have another conventional belief which – contrastingly to the one before – is completely true when it comes to slot machines.

The best way to test your strategy regarding the bet size or the game choice is to play for free. Once you identify a game that you think can be generous enough in addition to being attractive enough, make sure to check it via the free to play option.

Free practice exists with most online casinos for their slot games. Mind you that games might be restricted for free play depending on the country you are coming from so make sure to visit the website of VideoSLot.com which is a great place to find demo versions of the most popular slots, as well as trusted online casinos to play at.

Progressive Slots are Not Necessarily the Best Option

They might be the most attractive games to play, but progressive slot machines are not the best ones to go for. Progressive Jackpot pools money from the players and their increasing pile of coins depends on how many players are there playing the particular game.

They do offer a life-changing opportunity to walk out of a casino with bagful of money and that does indeed make them quite tempting, but resisting temptation can be a virtue.

Once again – try to be smart and look a bit deeper. Instead of progressive slot machines, try playing a random jackpot game. Random jackpot slots will offer a smaller prize, but will give you a better chance of winning. The simple logic says it all – progressives need time to reach full potential and will pay less over time than your average random slot.

Shop Around for Special Bonus Offers

Casino industry is a competitive market and gambling venues need to find ways to stay afloat. In order to do that they need players which is why they do different things to attain and retain a players’ base.

Bonuses and special offers are a great way to do that which is why you are advised to shop around. Often time-limited, casino offers can be a phenomenal way to test a new game with a couple of free spins, free chips or different bonuses on offer.

Special offers can be a great way to turn your deposit into an impressive bankroll and to extend your playing time to ultimately increase chances of hitting it big.